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Welcome to Green Horizons Environmental Consultants Ltd 19th July 2024

Green Horizons Environmental Consultants Limited is an independent consulting firm working with a flexible network of expert Associates drawn from industry, government, academia and the NGO community to offer the optimum team for your project every time.

The company offers analysis and guidance to clients wishing to prevent, minimise and manage environmental and social impacts associated with industrial operations. The company's core experience is within the mining, quarrying and oil & gas sectors, but it continues to seek appropriate transfer of its expertise to other sectors as opportunities arise.

Green Horizons Environmental Consultants Limited is not just another environmental consultancy happy to offer 'one size fits all' off-the-shelf advice. Instead our business principles guide us in our relationship with clients, with our Associates and in the approach we take to ensure delivery of sustainable, appropriate and cost effective solutions:

Associate Qualities - to work with us, Associates must, naturally enough, be highly qualified, professional and experienced. However, equally important is that they have a genuine and enduring enthusiasm for their subject. We believe the combination of experience and enthusiasm is a prerequisite for work that exceeds the client's expectations.

Local-to-Global Perspectives - we remain open to different points of view and opinions and recognise the importance of local, national and regional differences in defining and implementing project-specific solutions.

Honesty - we want your business, but only if we can deliver work of the highest standard, on time and within budget. If we do not believe this is feasible or that our staff and Associates do not fully match your skill requirements, we will say so, and offer appropriate assistance in identifying other potential solutions providers.

Value for Money - our flexible network of Associates is designed to not only deliver the experts you need, when you need them, but also to ensure your money is spent on illuminating solutions rather than intangible overheads.

Partnership - we believe that the most robust and sustainable solutions are those that are developed hand-in-hand with the client and that aid the client in building its own capacity to develop solutions.

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