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Recent Projects
Clients include Shell, the International Council on Mining & Metals, Conservation International, Camborne School of Mines, the Eden Project-Rio Tinto partnership, British Geological Survey, International Tin Research Institute, Sweetwater Environmental Services, SRK and the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association.

Recent projects include work related to large, medium and small-scale base and precious metal mines, quarrying and coal mining operations, small and medium-scale gemstone mining, and oil & gas extraction and transport.

Further information on each of the projects noted below is available by request - please email .

Environmental and Social Issues
  • Analysis of the environmental impacts of small-scale silver and gem mining.
  • Global review of environmental and social impacts and benefits of tin mining, processing, smelting and refining.
  • Comparative study of the environmental and social impacts of mining and processing of lead and tin.
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  • Assessment of the environmental impacts of river mining in Jamaica.
  • Input to major Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for two proposed bauxite mines in Suriname.
  • Development of training materials on site selection and biodiversity issues in the oil and gas sector.
  • Guidance on the integration of biodiversity issues into Environmental Management Systems for mining companies.
  • Integration of biodiversity issues into the management practices used by oil and gas operations (including work on biodiversity indicators, Environmental Management Systems, Environmental Impact Assessments, site selection, and development of good practice).
  • Scoping paper on biodiversity indicators.
  • Scoping paper on Biodiversity Action Plans.
Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Determination of relevant environmental factors for Strategic Environmental Assessment in the quarrying industry.
Water Treatment
  • Assessment of treatment options for acid rock drainage and processing effluents at two mine sites in Chile.
  • Detailed laboratory assessment of an innovative water treatment technology.
  • Preparation of treatment programme for Cr-VI contaminated wastes in China.
  • Technical assistance for marketing of novel water and waste treatment technologies in Peru, Chile and China.
Contaminated Land
  • Development of a distance learning teaching module on the remediation of contaminated land.
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  • Development of guide to web-based biodiversity information.
  • Review of environmental performance indicators - theoretical and practical aspects.
  • Assessment of centres of excellence and networks conducting research on mining, sustainable development and post-operation restoration and regeneration.
  • Assessment of environmental applications of inorganic waste materials.
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