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Principal Services
Services covering a broad range of environmental and social issues within the broader theme of Sustainable Development are available from Green Horizons Environmental Consultants Limited and its network of expert Associates. Topical examples drawn from the mining, oil & gas and quarrying sectors include:
Preventing and Managing Environmental and Social Impacts
  • Prediction and analysis of primary and secondary environmental and social impacts at large and small-scale mining and quarrying operations throughout the operational lifecycle (from exploration to post-closure).
  • Development of best practice guidelines for prevention, minimisation, mitigation and management of environmental and social impacts arising from mining, processing and metallurgical activities.
  • Independent analysis and assessment of technology-based and business solutions to environmental and social issues.
  • Assessment of alternative approaches to the regeneration of abandoned mining sites, including reuse and reprocessing of problem wastes.
  • Regional (strategic) environmental assessment of quarrying operations.
  • Assessment and prevention of community health impacts.
  • Prevention and minimisation of impacts on cultural heritage.
  • Community relations.
  • Stakeholder mapping and consultation support.
Protecting, Managing and Monitoring Biodiversity
  • Integration of biodiversity issues and aspects with Environmental Management Systems and Environmental Impact Assessments.
  • Development of biodiversity indicators for monitoring biodiversity conservation performance and actions.
  • Development of best practice guidelines for avoiding, minimising, mitigating and offsetting biodiversity impacts.
  • Design of passive water treatment systems (wetlands) for biodiversity enhancement.
  • Analysis of biodiversity protection and management requirements with respect to site selection.
  • Ecological assessments and studies.
Dealing with Contaminated Water
  • Development of best practice guidance for the prediction, prevention, treatment and monitoring of contamination.
  • Analysis, development and implementation of preventative and treatment management practices and technologies.
  • Particular specialisation in the treatment and management of heavy metal contaminated effluents and waters, including chromium, arsenic, cadmium & mercury.
  • Development of best practice guidance for sustainable water management.
  • Development of programmes for water quality monitoring.
  • Analysis and design of passive wetland systems for water treatment.
  • Assessment of the health implications of contaminated water and development of appropriate responses.
Treating, Managing and Restoring Contaminated Land
  • Assessment of potential sources and causes of contamination.
  • Desktops reviews and assessments.
  • Analysis and assessment of appropriate treatment technologies and management approaches.
  • Application of minerals engineering technology in contaminated land clean-up.
Environmental and Social Performance Indicators
  • Development of indicators to control and monitor performance in the areas of water, waste and chemical management.
  • Review, analysis and creation of alternative indicator development methodologies.
  • Flexible bespoke corporate training programmes on a range of environmental and social issues (designed in partnership with clients).
Editing and Proofreading
  • Technical and non-technical editing and proofreading services are available on request.
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